Bad Attitude That Makes You Poor


Everyone in the world aims to achieve financial freedom. People who have the right attitude towards money will make them rich.

Bad attitude

You can earn more money than you think but hour poor mindset won’t let go do that. Your intention of being rich will make you a bad person or do something illegal.

Your way of thinking about money will make you rich or poor. It completely depends on the mindset of the people.

Today, we have to discuss the bad attitude which makes you poor. I listed 8 poor mindsets of people. Let’s dive into today’s topic.

8 Bad Attitude That Makes You Poor

1. Comparing Your Financial Position To Others

Bad attitude

Your first enemy of joy is the comparing mindset. We will see more people doing better than ourselves. No one in the world is better ever better one has an alternative one.

You can see your friends around you make more money than yourself. This will create a situation of comparing to others.

You can see opportunities are not the same for every people. Also, you can stay consistent with what you have. Imagine, you’re in the running race competition. You see people are beating you one by one because you’re focusing on people.

You just give the focus to the finishing line not to the people. This is the point you can understand.

Your friends are doing well but you are staying in the same financial position don’t get worried about that.

You can barely change your life with hard work and consistency. You can better stop comparing yourself with other personal financial positions and also focus on yourself will make a better chance.

The first major bad attitude you change is to stop comparing yourself to others.

2. Limiting Your Beliefs About Money

Bad attitude

You can see that your beliefs about money are in a bad perspective. Your assumption about money is hard work on the job will give you more money.

At this point, you will believe that your surrounding friends, family, culture, etc. are giving opinions about everything. Your actions are limited by these factors and it will give a negative perspective about money.

These factors give opinions about your next move. Your actions are controlled and your mind will believe that everyone’s opinion is correct.

You can take everyone’s opinion but your opinions are not considered. You can give other people opinions and live yourself.

Your beliefs take control of you and make a negative impact on your finances. The common belief about money is that going to a job is the only way to make money.

You can look out of the box there are many opportunities to live a sustainable life without going to desk jobs. Your own business is the only major change that will make the money come to you other than there are no opportunities to make you a millionaire

You barely stop limiting your beliefs about money and also you can research several opportunities that make you rich. You can change your beliefs is the starting point of changing your life

3. You Just Focus On Only One Stream Of Income

Your income is coming from your job only. Your poor financial state is happening because you believe in just one stream of income.

People in the world want to get a second job while continuing their first job. You can understand that their one stream of income is not enough to cover the expenses.

Your primary income is stable and it’s not enough to pay your bills Moreover Don’t hesitate to do another job simultaneously. You can depend on only one source of income will never help you in a critical situation.

Your diversifying income streams only help you in the critical financial situation. An average millionaire has 7 sources of income streams.

You can build your income steadfastly before your savings run out. Most people have no idea what happens if one source of income is cut off will be a tragic moment in this life.

You can try to build another source of income to balance your life from the financial deficiency. Your second income based on your passion will make the second job not get boring.

Believing in one stream of income is like driving a boat with a single stick. This bad attitude about money must be you can change yourself.

4. The Root Of Evil Is Money As You Think


You think money is the root of all the evil and your point of view is wrong. Your money is like an angle and how the money you spend will decide it.

Your thinking of money will make a great impact on your life. You completely have negative thoughts about money will make a be impression to earn more money.

You notice when money will make the person evil. The person’s excessive love for money will engage their greed moreover the greed will lead to living without morals.

Your thoughts come into action. You’re thinking wrong about money it will make you lazy to earn more money.

Do you notice how this is possible? Whatever, your mind thinks it will concerted into actions and the actions give rewards.

You always maintain a positive thought towards the money it will make a positive action to earn more money.

Your positive thinking allows you to earn more money and live your life to the full extent. Your greedy mind will make money as evil. You can control it it will be the guardian angel in your life. Control this bad attitude about money.

5. Afraid Of Investing In Yourself

Investing yourself

Your best investment is not gold, stocks, or any other instruments. Your best investment is to invest in yourself.

You can improve your life by investing time, money and effort to empower your future. The world has more people who stay broke only a few can achieve success because they invest in themselves.

You can get wider your knowledge and learn as much as you can. Your knowledge is the best investment that you ever made.

Your wider knowledge helps you to enhance your life in a better way. You can improve yourself and achieving holds will make a positive impact on your life.

You can see that your relationship, career, health and most importantly finances are also improved. Your investment will give more returns in your life.

You can use every possibility to improve yourself by investing money, time and energy. Investing in yourself will get away from the bad attitude towards money.

6. Feel Entitled To Money


You can feel entitled to money and how pathetic it is. You think that entitled to the money you expect the government will help you and another rich person will you as you think.

If you feel like this it will make you poor and helpless. Your sense of entitlement towards money will make you financially struck more it will reduce your motivation.

Your motivation to work hard is reduced then everything in your life will slowly get away from you. You expect some rewards from the entitlement and if you do not get that you will get demotivated.

Your demotivation leads to less effort in your future work. You keep working hard to get the reward. Your first-time effort will not pay well then you will be dependent on others.

You should give up the mindset of other people will take care of your finances. This kind of mindset will make you break in every situation.

You can be aware of taking every action that you need to take. Your actions and hard work will decrease your entitlement to money. Avoid this kind of bad attitude about money.

7. Get Jealous Of Successful People

Successful people

You get jealous of successful people is one of the bad attitudes you need to change. You just envy their lifestyle that you don’t have.

Your jealousy will affect your relationship with the person and your future is jealous of the people you are around will decrease your value.

Your dedication and hard work go hour work and it will give you a better future. You think jealousy builds an inferiority complex and it will make a barrier to not to do new things.

You have to make yourself peace by living with what you have. Your envious mind will just give you a stressful mind and get jealous of other people around you.

You must remember one thing giving up your giving thought is the first step you have to put in your successful life. You must control the envy to get away from the poor mindset.

8. Blaming Other People For Your Problem

Blaming others

You ask the poor people what is the reason they do not become rich. This person will blame their parents, their situation, the government and many more. You know that they do not realize that being broke is his/her mistake.

You are almost like this kind of person please give up that mindset. Yours failed in your action find the reason why I’m failed moreover don’t find reasons to blame.

You must blame other people because you do not have the ability or knowledge to complete the work. Blaming people and situations won’t give anything to your life.

You must take responsibility for your actions it will make a huge difference in your life.


This is all the major bad attitudes that will give to every individual to attain success. You can give up this you feel the big differences that happening in your life. Your happiness and joyful life only happen when you attain financial freedom. You can avoid the above mindset to easily achieve financial freedom in your life. Best of luck for your future and success in your life.

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