Money Mistakes That Avoid In Our 20’s


We are all cross our 20s with lots of dreams. Our dream’s becoming true is a big question mark for everyone. We make lots of money mistakes in our 20’s period.

Money Mistakes

We cross our 20s by making lots of mistakes. These mistakes all affect our future.

Our 20s are the period we have full energy and strength to do whatever we want. At that time we have no money to enjoy ourselves. Many of them join their first job in their 20s.

I cannot blame anyone because we are the people who will pull up our family from the middle-class status.

Today, I will list out 5 money mistakes that we avoid in our 20’s. Let’s dive into the topic.

5 Money Mistakes That Avoid In Our 20’s

1. Not Tracking Of Money

Money Mistakes

You cannot achieve financial freedom over the night, it takes lots of time to achieve this. We all come from the same background. Many millionaires and billionaires come from the same middle-class background.

What have they done to achieve massive financial success? They have a proper plan and have tracked their finance.

In your 20’s we have to attract many unwanted things that will make our pockets empty. Don’t fall into this trap.

Always have a financial goal and plan. It will encourage you to go in the right direction in your life.

You have to maintain strict parameters on your spending. This parameter helps you to track your finances and avoid unwanted spending.

First, set a proper financial goal, just sit down in your room and take a paper and pencil and write down. The goal is to be achievable with your current income.

Like, if you want to buy a house, draw up a plan for how to save money to build your dream house. Your plan is always connected with your income.

The major money mistake we made in our 20s is not tracking our money. You always have an achievable plan and investment plan.

You can make the money and you have the right investment plan to grow your money in your 20s. Discipline in your investment is important for every person.

The right tracking of your finances and having the right goal are helpful to achieving great things at a young age. These money mistakes you must avoid in your financial life.

2. Unnecessary Spending

We made this mistake in our 20’s. Your friend will buy any new things to show off you also buy that same thing. Whether it is necessary or not, you cannot know but you will buy that thing.

For example, your friend buys a new car and he shows that car to you. Now you think about how to buy a car like my friend. You fake a car loan and buy a new car but you have to repay the car loan for more years.

It means you cannot buy a car forever in your life. You have to build your cash flow and buy whatever things you want.

Don’t buy expensive items to show off to society. You can stay broke when you impress society. As a person, you have to build a proper plan and stay consistent with that plan.

You plan to build an emergency fund and have savings and investment plans. You will do this properly in your 20 it will reflect in your 30’s, 40’s and 50s too. Unnecessary spending is also a money mistake you must avoid in your financial life.

3. Not Having Insurance

Money Mistakes

Every person needs to take at least one insurance for themselves. Your insurance will help you to face the unwanted situation. You should prepare to take precautions.

The insurance may cover all the losses in monetary terms. Hour losses are bared with money.

It will cover medical, accidental and many more situations that you face. Your life is unexpected moreover what kind of problems are ready to come in your life.

You should take insurance at a young age. Your income was segmented to pay the premium of insurance.

Your lethargic mind will ignore the benefits of insurance and also it will prevent your uncertainties.

Take insurance in your 20s to live without worrying about unwanted situations.

4. Not Planning For Your Retirement

Your retirement plan is also considered your main priority in financial goals. In your old age without depending on your kids is happening when you have a retirement fund.

You should keep some money in your bank for your retirement. You should not work in old age also your body will not give strength to work.

At a young age start a retirement fund plan. Many of the banks will offer retirement fund planning for their customers.

Your thinking about money in old age is a big burden. You should expect your kids to support your back. If your kids do this no problem, we’re they do not help you it’s a severe problem for you.

Also, take an investment plan that will help you in your retirement period. It should support you and make you live independently without anyone’s financial help. These money mistakes you must avoid in your financial life.

5. Not Have Proper Credit Card Management

You get a job in your 20s and you have a salary account. Your bank will offer you a credit card.

Credit card is not dangerous moreover you have proper maintenance. It will make the credit card look not a burden for you.

Many people in the world use the credit card to buy unwanted things. It will not be as important for them but their desire will make to buy the products.

Your credit card is a good tool until you use it over the limit. Many successful people are against credit cards.

You may also think a credit card is bad for you it’s not true. When you pay the loan before the due date avoid more interest to pay next time.

Your credit card is a great tool to build a good credit score. When your credit score plays a role are were getting loans from your bank? The bank checks your credit history by analyzing your credit score.

You maintain a good credit score to get loans from banks without any issues. Here we have to see the use of credit cards to build credit scores,

  • Always pay your credit card loans before the due date.
  • Maintain at least 30% of your credit card balance
  • Don’t over-depend on your credit card
  • Use a credit card when you need
  • Pay off your credit card debt with a higher interest rate
  • Don’t open many bank accounts to buy a credit card
  • Use a credit card where the given limit

These are all some of the possible ways to build credit scores using credit cards.


Your 20s are the most precious time in your life. At this time you should plan all the aspects before you face the consequences. Use your income to build multiple income streams and investments. Always give importance when money takes to play the role. Finance is the first place to build your knowledge.

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