Innovative Marketing Strategy


Many companies in the world do many marketing activities to increase their product sales. The brands are doing many innovative marketing campaigns to attract their customers.


Marketing is a vast area you can do any kind of activity to market your product and increase the value of your product.

Most companies spend more money on their marketing campaigns. Today we are also seeing many of the company’s innovative marketing strategies. Let’s get into the topic.

4 Companies’ Innovative Marketing Strategy

1. Colgate


Colgate is India’s one of the favourite toothpaste companies. The firm in 1950, the board conducted a meeting to increase our sales in the market. The company asked for suggestions from board members to increase toothpaste sales.

Many of them give many ideas. Like buy 1 get 1, promote our product using celebrities, give free toothbrushes with toothpaste, etc. No one’s answer satisfied the board members.

Suddenly a person stands up and says “Make The Hole Bigger”. The person explains it clearly.

At that time, the toothpaste had a small hole to squeeze. People have used a small quantity of the paste to brush their teeth. It will make people buy another toothpaste for a long period.

Now, the hole in the toothpaste is getting bigger. People squeeze the paste huge quantity of the paste is getting out. So, the paste will empty very soon. It will make people buy another paste within a very short time. And also our sales are getting higher in the market

This unique idea will impress the board members and manufacture the toothpaste with a big hole. Colgate toothpaste is getting skyrocketed in the market and the ultimate aim is achieved by the company.

2. Diary Milk

Diary Milk is one of the popular brands in the chocolate industry. The majority of the sales are happening in India. But, Diary Milk makes lots of advertisements to capture the market.

In India, chocolate is only for children to eat. Diary Milk wants to take this mentality from Indians. That’s why their marketing and advertising are so aggressive in the Indian market.

He changes the mentality of chocolate that is only made for kids. It is the primary motive for success in Indian markets.

Today, at every festival, good things and love proposals are started with dairy Milk. Every category of people in India tastes chocolate without any hesitation.

You didn’t notice one single child in their advertisements. All the advertisements are targeted at adults and above age people.

Cadbury is one of the most popular and favourite brands for Indians. It only happens because of their strong advertisements. It will prove that the right marketing will change consumer behaviour and make them buy our products.

3. Apple (iPad)

In 2010, the iPad was launched all over the world. The Apple launch event is conducted at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Fransisco. Steve Jobs was the person who presented the event to the audience.

Steve Jobs has good marketing skills and communication skills. This is what made Apple the most prestigious company in the world.

He will explain the specifications of the iPad to the audience. Now, it’s time to announce the price.

He says we will discuss it with our experts to set a price and the experts are advised to set this price. At the time, behind the screen the price is displayed and the iPad price is $999.

After that, he will be silent for more than 10 seconds. The entire audience at the launch event is also silenced. Then Steve Jobs said we are all going to reach the iPad to all people. And behind the screen suddenly the price is decreased from $999 to $499.

The entire stadium is surrounded by the sound of claps. In the beginning, I said that he has good marketing skills.

He will use the “Anchoring Effect” marketing strategy. The actual price of the iPad is $499 only. Steve Jobs wanted to increase the price to $999. It will make the audience think about buying an iPad for such a price.

The price gets decreased to $499 almost $500 get reduced by Apple. It will make people buy and use the product without any worry about the price.

4. Domino’s Pizza

If you order a pizza from Domino’s it’s come with oregano packets. The oregano is nothing but it’s used to sprinkle over the pizza to eat.

The more pizza you ordered doubled the oregano you got. Did you ever notice why Domino’s give more oregano?

It’s because they use the “Top of the mind” strategy. It is the strategy that will say the product name you get one product on your mind.

For example, if I ask about mobile phones many of them think “Apple” and many of them think “Samsung”. It is called the top-of-the-mind strategy.

Domino’s wants you to buy the pizza from their shops. You can eat it and sprinkle the oregano all around the pizza. Now, the wasted oregano is kept in the fridge or dining table.

After one or two days you can notice that you have an oregano packet. Now your mind thinks about the previous you order pizza from Domino’s.

It will make some sense to again eat the pizza from Domino’s. Now, some people order pizza again from Domino’s stores.

This strategy is used to make consumers think about the product and make them buy it.

5. Nycil

Nycil company manufactures prickly head powder. Their product is seasonal.

Only in the summer times, their product go well in the market. Nycil will do a great marketing strategy for Kolkata, India.

At this time only the company does many advertisements all over India.

Nycil will make a big-sized dummy shaped like the powder package. It will be set in the bus stand of Kolkata.

People who get tired from the effect of the sun get to the bus stand. People get shocked because they get a cold breeze at the bus stand. The people who get tired of walking to the bus stand to get refreshments from this bus stand.

The bus stand not getting cold it’s a marketing strategy that was done by Nycil. They fit an air conditioner in the dummy. They will write a tagline that “Use Nicil To Get Your Body Cool In Summer”.

In social media, this marketing campaign went viral and Nycil product gets a good brand image and sales all over India. I am


These are all the innovative marketing strategies that are done by the companies. It will be interesting and innovative, marketing is a great opportunity to expertise and market your product. There is no traditional method to promote your product. People also want to use branded products only. Being an expert in marketing your product will help giant giant companies.

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