6 Japanese Techniques To Stop Overthinking



Overthinking it is the most common problem that every people face in his/her day-to-day life. The problem of overthinking is it will makes you  to think small problem as a humongous one. Also it makes you to feel worried about the problem and it stops you to take action towards in your life. You know what the fear of what happens in the future and get worried in the present time is called overthinking.

There are many  humans doesn’t even know how to overcome this overthinking. Since you may have to follow some things in your life will decrease the rate of overthinking. Here, I have to give some Japanese techniques that is very useful to overcome the overthinking. Lets, get into the topic.

6 Japanese Techniques To Stop Overthinking

1. Shinrin-yoku

The Shinrin-yoku its an psychological exercise that were emerged by the Japanese in 1980s. You know that Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is that spending your time with the nature. The nature places like forests, parks, etc are the person who has to spend some time. This natural atmosphere have give you a good mood and it will reduces your stress. This is very helpful were you have facing the overthinking problem in your life.

How to do Shinrin-yoku? You have to go for a small walk in the nature. And precisely connecting your thoughts towards the nature will haleps you to reduces the overthinking. Choose the places to walk, if you have time choose the place in the nature and sit down for doing meditation. This is a mental related practices you have to notice the changes in the over period of time.

When, conneting with the nature will makes you physically and mentally healthy. The forest bathing means not taking showers in the forest, it is just connecting yourself with the beauty of the nature. This Japanese techniques will adapt your lifestyle practices it helpa you to reduce the rate of overthinking.


The acceptance of what you cannot control is were known as the Japanese technique Shoaganai. Your life is not all by your hands, there are many unavoidable things that will happens in your life. This unavoidable causes that will makes you suffered mentally also it creates more stress. Many people will breakdown in the unavoidable situation and also it makes them to overthinking.

Just accept the situation and move on to the other pharse. Also you cannot blame on you for what you cannot control in your life. You will change what you can contol in your life to make the change. For an example, if  you are not getting job for your future is uncontrollable sitution. But, you can develop proper skills related to the job will prevent the uncontrollable situation.

So, you can accept what you cannot control and just give your full focus on what you can control. This will makes you to get out from the overthinking and it makes you to take actions towards your life.

3. Gaman

Gaman is a word that is used in the Zen Buddhism. It means where you can “enduring the unbearable with your dignity and patience”. A person who can face tough time in thier life. Also it will breaks the peraon enyirely and make them to fall on depression. This situation will leads to person to the overthinking and stress.

In Gaman, it says you to face your tough times so gracefully. Because, your tough times will no long lasting when you face it. What you can do is be mentally prepared, stay strong and handle the situation. You can do it but you will develop the potential inside you to face your own problems. Just make yourself to move from the problem, it is better when you stuck in the problem rather then just make one step everyday to overcome the problem.

Be yourself confident first and never have a single doubt on your confidence. It will be the vital weapon to face your problems and overcome it within the over period of time. Just face the problem and stay strong no matter what happens it will definitely makes you to move on from your problems. Also it helps you to avoid the unwanted thoughts in your head and not makes you suffer mentally.

4. Simpuru

It is the other Japanese techniques called “Simpuru” or “Minimalism”. It means always you can live below your means witb following minimalism in everything. So, It makes you to avoid the unnecessary worry about anything in your life. This will makes your mind with stay calm and tranquility at the same time. This minimalism is heelsp you to simplify your environment and it helps you to make your mind in a calm state.

Whenever, your necessary is makes your priority and avoid the unnecessary will give the context to leave to think too much. Makes some minimal changes in your physical environment it will gives you the best way to cleaning your thoughts. And it helps you to find your pupose of your life and it will redices the chance  of thinking too much in your life. Simpuru helps you get away from your overthinking.

5. Zazen

The Japanese technique “Zazen” is nothing but sitting meditation. This is were gelpful you to understand your thoughts and regulates them wisely. This is were sitting in the meditation, watching your breath, and just calmly redirect your mind in your control. First, you just need to understand were your mind will wandrer and make your mind to concentrate on your breathing practice.

This helps you to make your mind to be focus better and it gives you clear mind. At the beginning, it is quite tough to control your thoughts. Over the practice it will helps you to make your thoughts under your control. In the Zazen you  need to just observing were your thoghts are gone, and next divert your mind to concentrate on the breath. Never suppress your mind, just go with the flow and you need more effort to get your mind under your control while meditating.

6. Wabi-Sabi

It means that finding the beauty in the transience and imperfections. Many of them expecting every things that happens in our life will be in perfect shape. Whenever, you will accept the imperfections on your life and just find some reason to like it. Nothing in your life you get it in perfect, also expecting perfect is also drive you to depression. Perfection in everything will makes you  more stress and it consumes lot of your valuable time. It makes the habit to expecting perfection from everything and every people around you.

The beauty of life is accepting the imperfections and find how to love it. For an example, you expect your life partner will become intelligent and in other case you get a childish partner. What you have to do? You just only one thing you have to do is accept the imperfection, just see your partner childish behaviour and find to love it, don’t get angry instead you see the cuteness in your partner. You must develop this quality to avoid the overthinking and you just love the way you live.


This are all the Japanese techniques that you have to follow in your life to overcome the overthinking problem. There are many thoughts that will affect your mind and make your mind to be calm in every situation. Thinking is always good, but overthinking is not good it will gives worry about your life and your decision. You can follow the above steps to move on your overtthinking.

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