Simple Tricks That Helps You Stay Motivated


You can see a lot of motivational videos, movies and podcasts to stay motivated. You can wake up the next morning. The motivation you get before the day is completely gone at the time you’ll be only motivated for a small number of periods.

Stay motivated

Did you ever notice why we all stay motivated for a short period?

Luckily, you’re not the only person to meet this problem moreover the majority of the world will face this problem. Today, I have given 8 tips that help you stay motivated for a long period. Let’s get into today’s topic.

8 Simple Tricks That Help You Stay Motivated

1. Keep Your Eyes Focus On Prize Not On Distractions

Stay Motivated

Imagine this scenario,

I give you a rope that is placed on the land. I instruct you to walk on the rope. You did it without any difficulties.

What if I placed the rope over Grand Canyon and I will instruct you to walk over the rope? You are getting just scared and also you think what if I fall, the rope got damaged and many more.

In the above scenario, I will place the rope on the land so that you get to focus on the rope and the endpoint. The same rope that I placed on the Grand Canyon you just focus on your negative thoughts. You have a chance to focus on another endpoint of the rope

This is the same thing that happens when you get motivated to your goals. You just do not focus on your goal unless you focus on the way that you go to achieve your goals.

Don’t focus on distractions and negative thoughts towards your goal. The way of reaching a goal needs hard work and effort.

You just focus on your goal and what you get at the end prize when you achieve your goal. Think about your goals, not the distractions. Staying positive and focusing on your goal helps to stay motivated.

2. Faking Your Emotions

Stay Motivated

Your emotions are a good friend and also a bad enemy. How this is possible?

You can lie to your brain. It will spread fake emotions to your brain. You fail at your goal and you get sad.

This sad mindset will give us negative thoughts and it will decrease our motivation. You can fake your emotions and get out of this situation.

You face a failure and also you can say positive words. Like, I’m not sad in this situation I feel motivated.

You can fake your emotions by lying to yourself. This faking emotion tricks your mind and it will indicate to your brain that he is happy.

You have no hope in your life also you will believe that I have everything. Also Will be motivated to achieve my goal whatever problems come I will be ready to face them.

You heard it that’s what people say to express your emotions. Every time you express your emotions will make you an emotional person. The emotion will take control of you.

Don’t give any chance to your emotions to take control of you. You control your emotions by giving fake emotion and believing it in your worst situation.

Until you achieve your goal try to positively fake your emotions. It will give a fake hope to your brain and also your brain believes he will achieve his goal.

This also helps you to stay motivated toward your goal and doesn’t make you slaves to yo your emotional

3. Set Time For Everything

Some people do their work and also finish it. But, it takes a lot of time to complete his/her work. You can understand the major reason is they did not set any time to complete the work.

That’s why it takes a lot of time to complete the work. It can applicable in any kind of are your workings.

Imagine you playing sports like football and also have a limited time to complete the game by scoring goals. The limited time is the person where players are trying to give their best to get more goals and it motivates them to win that game.

If there is no timing in football any person in the ground would give their best to complete the game. It will give them a lazy mind because there is no time set.

You can do whatever the work gives the work a certain period to complete the work. It will save you a lot of time and also it helps you to focus on other work.

Set every time a limited time to complete the work. It keeps you motivated and does the work in a certain period.

4. Stop Asking For Permission From Everyone

Stop asking permission

Some people will ask for opinions every time and expect people to give a positive opinion from that. Always they expect other people to give their opinion to satisfy themselves.

If you do something you like the most like painting, drawing, dancing, etc. Why would you do this thing it will satisfy you. Also, you expect people to give their opinions about their work. This opinion will make feel them happy and if anyone gives a negative opinion it will make them depressed.

Some people will ask permission to do their work and favourite activities. The permission you get every time from other people will feel you like a puppet.

Never ask anyone’s opinion and permission to do your favourite work and activities. Because this will make you satisfy others to satisfy yourself.

First, satisfy yourself and do what you love. It will make you stay committed to your work and it will stay motivated to hour work.

5. Identify Your Trigger Point

You can think about taking some personal analyses of what are the triggering points that will activate you. It can be classified into 2 categories positive and negative triggers.

The positive trigger is where you will do anything that will give you a positive mind. It may be an activity, incident, song or person which are the factors that will influence your positive triggers.

These are the things that will never get close to the positive triggers which will be called negative triggers. If you are scared of doing new things will say you can’t do them. This kind of mind is we’re known as a negative mind.

Identify your trigger points allow the positive trigger and ignore the negative trigger. The positive trigger is the area where you entrust more to do amazing things in your life. It also helps you to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself.

6. Stay Hungry By Your Mind

Don’t think about how to feed my mind/because it’s not the point. Here, you want to know hungry in your dream.

However, if you get hungry your mind will think about food only. Until you eat food your mind will think and focus only on food.

The same thing you have to do in your mind. The mind you have to go feed your dream once and make your mind hungry for a long time. It will make your mind only think about your dream and none other than anything it focuses on.

Keep your mind that much hungry while you achieve your dream. It keeps you motivated to your goals.

7. Practice! Practice!

Everyone has different goals to achieve in their life. For every dream, there is a lot of hard work that you have to put into getting success.

In the Navy Force, there is a popular quote said to motivate the soldier. It is “More you sweat out from the practice, will decrease the chance to get the blood out from you on the battlefield”.

You have to not be lazy to practice every single day. The more you practice in your free time, the higher the possibility yo winning the game. Usapractisedces for 20 years to make the record of running 100 yards in 9 seconds.

The practice will increase motivation and also help you to face your problem or enemy without any fear. The less you fear the more you win moreover less fear comes from more practice.

8. Write It Down On Paper

Every failure people reach success by writing down thither in a notebook or paper. You will think that you are not capable of anything take a notebook and pen and write down every task.

I’m not saying about your big goals also these goals are done in day-to-day activities. Like making your bed, cleaning your room, and many more. Write down this small task and tick it when you finish your task.

This will make your belief system stronger by day. It will make you feel you’re capable of anything to achieve. Every small activity you do every day makes you feel worthy.

Use this method to strengthen your belief system in your brain. It keeps you motivated every day to achieve the bigger goals.


These are all the things that you need to achieve everything by increasing your motivation. Stay motivated and stay positive to achieve greater success in your life.

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