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How To Influence People? – Part 2


However, trying to influence your surroundings are quite tough to do. But, onve you have to manage it,  you can notice an massive changes that happens in your surroundings. All the way they have to be act so polite and nice to you all the time. Were you will be try to do something that makes people in thier thought you are a good and nice person.

You can see that attracting peoples is such an art. You can posses by doing or changing somthing will makes peole to fall on you. Here, I have to give some proper ways to make peoples to influencing you. Lets, dive into the topic.

7 Ways To Influence People

1. Always Respect Other People’s Opinion And Suggestions

You have to see that many people around you does not even listen to you. Because they have thier own opinions. Some people are get irritated when thier opinions got rejected. If the group of peoples were interacting at the same time. Were only one person is talking too much and others remain silent were not suitable for group.

In this situation, every person in the group will give thier own opinion. The hearing of others opinion will gives you to posses with many dimensional view of what the topic is. In two-way communication, were two persons were interacting you need to ask opinions of lther person makes you more attractive in the persons mind.

And actually caring about other people words will makes you to be an influence personality in the surroundings. Always give good care of what others say or give opinions or suggestions towards you.

2. Always Remember And Use Other People’s Name

You may notice peoples were very oftenly use the other peoples name. Also its not makes you a good personality. According to Psychological Study, “Humans brain releases good dopamine while thier loved person call by their names”. Seems to be you may use the opposite person name many times in your conversation will makes you  more attractive.

You also think its an Psychological game you have to won your opposite person easily by call their name. You also store every single person names in yyour brain were life you met. And also no matter how many years after you met the person. You have to remember their name when you met the person. It seems were you make an attractive person were you have to remember the name of the person. It makes you to influence every single person just by remembering and calling thier names.

3. You May Show Your Interest In People Genuinely

Some people’s will show some fake interest to get attention of others. You may see were a topic goes seriously within a group, few will show fake interest only. For example, If someone talk about Cricket interested people give thier attention, not interested people will give fake attention or make the other to divert from the topic.

Show your interest honestly on the other peoples hobby. It will makes you genuine person who only show original emotion rather then shown faking interest. Give all the people compliments from your heart not by your mouth. You may give your genuine interest to other people to influence them easily.

4. When You Done Something Wrong, Admit It Quickly And Conclusively

You see people won’t admit thier mistakes and won’t regret for that. It makes peoples were losing thier respect and it maes them feel shame. So, it quite hard were people admit their mistakes. Afterwards people get regret about thier mistakes and kt makes them to stuck in the past. You also seem it towards your eyes were people don something wrong they just try to hide it, but wont admit it.

You also think were something you may done to others and dosen’t admit it to the person immediately. Don’t be like that kind of person and it makes others hurt alot. If you done something wrong by mistake go and admit it ratger then getting regret it. However, if you can admit your mistakes peoples think you are honest person. This kind of perspective will helps you to make peoples to influence simply.

5. Let Others To Tallk And You Must Be A Good Listener

You will be get easy attention were being a good listener. People are willing to share and talk, but none of them are willing to listen others. Actually, listening is a good ability, it will makes you to analyze the situation and it helps you to give proper answer. It is not  that much harder to master it, just give your time and just listen what the others says.

Initially, it makes to feel irritated and boring where others says and you listen it. But, once you practice it propely, it will give enormous change in personal and professional life. You just need to be patient, calm and listen what others says. Also, people loves were someone is ready to listen what they says.  So, you must be a good listener to influence tge other people so easily.

6. Praise Other Person Accomplishments Publicly

It seems weird, also you ask questions like “Why I’m praising other peoples accomplishments?”. You need to understand peoples never ever praise  themselves in publicly, also they just enjoy were someone give compliments for their accomplishments. Majority of them don’t do that, people expecting that someone will notice thier accomplishments. But they get fooled at the end.

Till this one you need to understand peoples loves others to praise thier accomplishments. Use this as a opportunity, not only thier accomplishments you also praise tbier talent too. It will create a positive impression about your character and also it makes you more likely person. People loves to stay with you and you makes them happy by praising thiier accomplishments. Also it is an vital thing tbat helps you to influence others and winning the person easily.

7. Always Sees Through Others Point Of View

There is always a coin have two sides, in terms of person there are also have thier own point of view. If anything happens peoples are stand in thier own point of view. It will be always creating conflicts arpund your loved ones. Also, many  of them doesn’t care about how much the others getting hurt while you holding your point of view. You must beed to develop the quality of understanding other sides of the person.

Not always everyone is right, may be they have be a bad side in others story too. You also be calm and also think or visualize in other person point of viiew to understand them better. If you want to influence other person you need to think opposite person point of view very clearly.


This are all the 7 points that you have to use to influence other people. You eed to practice this in your day-to-day life to notice the changes happens in your life.

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