How To Influence People? – Part 1


Influence People

In this world, there are approximately living 8 Billion people. You have to know how to Influence your fellow people it’s not that much harder. Nowadays, people are constantly making themselves isolated from society. It’s because humans are socially connected.

Our human life is dependent on other human emotions and feelings. As an individual, you need to master influencing other people. Many people have failed this art because many people do not know how to Influence other people. In this part, I have to give some tips for influencing people. Let’s dig into the topic.

8 Ways To Influence People

1. Always Wear a Smile In Your Face

Smile” is an essential tool you can use in the art of influencing others. You can also subconsciously love to interact with the person who has a great smile on his/her face. They were smiling is the symbol that projects you’re a good and nice person.

The way smiling will project ultimate confidence, politeness, kindness, etc. If you ever met a person for the first time and you instantly admire the person by smiling. No matter it’s a personal or professional meeting the person always has a simple smile on your face.

2. Always Approach A Person In A Friendly Way

You need to be a person who can be approached easily by others. Some people are hard to approach, and also other people are not well like this kind of person. You must always keep a good and people may think that you’re friendly.

You may have a doubt kind of friendly manner comes from a person by birth. The answer is “No”. If you try to be social you can build this friendly manner in a short period. People like friendly nature person, which may mean you can be capable of influence people with your friendly approach.

3. Allow Yourself To Speak to The Opposite Person First

Many people will make this mistake, they never let the other person speak. Also, it is annoying to the opposite person to only hear what you say. When it comes to influencing people, you must allow the other person to talk first. It creates the image that you will be ready to understand what I have to say.

You can make the people warm under your arms by letting them speak first. Not only to speak with the person first, also you may not interfere when the person talks. You may ask the doubt or give suggestions at the end of the conversation. It will project you as a problem-solving personality.

In this world, very few people can understand the other person’s life situation and give them the right suggestions. Be that person and it will help you to influence your surrounding people.

4. Never Criticize, Never Condemn, Never Complain

You can understand people hate criticizing their words and actions. Every person has their own opinion on other people’s actions, and also based on their actions people will judge the person. In this case, you must avoid criticizing others as soon as possible.

And also don’t be the person to complain about everything like situations, people, etc. This world sees that complaining people are the weakest and also hates these people more. Because, if something happens he/she puts all the credit on himself. If something happens badly he/she blames or complains the others and the situation.

You have to be so cautious at this poiinfluencingencothersiss not coming that easy. You may have to follow some rules and regulations to make people fall on your side.

5. Don’t Fake Your Appreciation, Always Give Honest And Sincere Appreciation

Nowadays, the world will fall on giving fake appreciation to get some person’s attention. It is because they believe the person only loves appreciation and then wants to appreciate everything. You can easily sense that a person will give his honest appreciation with his heart.

After all, you must completely avoid giving fake appreciation to others. If you don’t like it, say some words to that person or give some suggestions to that person. It will make the opposite person think that ththawiwille or the person who gives the right appreciation and suggestions at the same time. It creates a positive image in the opposite person’s mind.

However, when it comes to influencing others be honest and give sincere appreciation from your heart. It will make the other person gain their attention, you can easily use it to influence others.

6. Always Let The Other Person To Do All The Talking

You can see this kind of person from your surroundings, he/she will talk about what they have to do. But, in reality, they don’t even take action to what they say to us. It Is about other people you just sinuses mouth and do not use your brain at all. The required actions are absent in the people that they discussed earlier.

You have to be the person who will not hear what your surroundings say. You must always reply themselves your actions more than words. It will make others think about you like you are the strangest person. Always let the other people do the talking, you always be the person to take the actions. It will allow you to influence others easily.

7. Never Try To Win Every Argument, Avoid As Much As You Can

You may think the more argument a person makes the more annoying he/she is. It is impossible to have a relationship without arguments. But, at some point, the argument is good, after it crosses the limit it will be not good for anyone. You have to think the less argument the person makes the more attractive he/she becomes in the mind of others.

Not all the time you have to win the argument with the people, at some point you may have to break the opposite person by revealing the secrets to win the argument. It is the worst case of arguments, some people will say secrets by trusting you. So, the longer the arguments go the longer the two persons hurt each other so badly.

Always you must hold yourself and avoid as much the argument. It seems quite hard, but it’s effective while coming under influence the of others.

8. Ask What You Want As Questions, Not Give Orders

Every person likes to be free and do what his mind says, also they will hate someone who gives orders to follow. In that case, people hate such bossy kinds of people. Because they only possess orders, they don’t even care about other people’s opinions.

You aren’t even kind of the person who gives only orders to others. Ask some questions to the others and make sure it’s not silly. You can ask impressive questions to others it will seek the other person’s attention very quickly. If you want to be the liked person in the room, analyze the situation and ask questions. It helps you to influence others easily.


These are all the few things that make people easily influence you and it helps you to win the person easily. Also, if you follow this you can see the changes that will happen and you can notice them by yourself.

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