Assets That Make People Rich


Today we have to discuss the valuable assets that make you rich. The author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book Mr Robert Kiyosaki explains the “Cashflow Quadrant” method. This method gives the idea of how the cash flows into a person’s pocket.

Assets That Make People Rich

This method explains the thin line that divides the rich and poor people. The left side of the people was considered poor. And the right side of the people was considered rich.

The left side of the quadrant works for money because only for security. And the right side of the quadrant makes money work for them. These people want freedom. In the left quadrant, people work hard for their entire life.

8 Assets That Make People Rich

These 8 assets make a person rich and never work for their entire life. It will be classified into two phases,

  1. Monetary
  2. Non – monetary


1. Business

Assets That Makes People Rich

Every time we wondered how billionaires make money and how they manage the money. It makes rich people manage that much money in a single lifetime.

Common people like us think about cinema heroes who played rich people’s roles. We just exaggerate the living style of rich people. And also the cinema portrays them as not working that much hard.

It feels like they never sweat a single drop to achieve this success. This is the thoughts that make us broke and poor in our life.

In reality, starting a business and making it profitable is not easy. It requires every single drop of your blood and sweat. Finding a business idea and scaling it to large is not easy.

Also, the scale of business is getting the multinational corporation is too hard. So, starting a business is not a kid’s video game to play.

Every single entrepreneur in the world and big businessmen and billionaires like Elon Musk do not attain it easily. They only made and achieved this through intense hard work.

What would differentiate entrepreneur and employee? Where does the entrepreneur earn from passive income and the employee earns from active income?

Rich people work hard for a few years to build a business. Poor people work hard for the rest of their lives in their jobs.

The way entrepreneurs create assets that earn him to make money forever his life. The assets make them not work hard to earn money. Another way we employee lives a paycheck to paycheck forever bus life.

Entrepreneurs secure a lot of wealth for the next generation and the employees do not secure anything for the next generation and die poor.

2. Real Estate

Real Estate

We are thinking about making money we have to see business as the only choice to get rich. But it is not the only way to make rich by yourself.

Because we are all from different financial backgrounds. Going to a job and earning money is the only source of income for many people. Thinking about getting rich, but the situation may not allow him to do so.

As common men, we stand on our feet by getting a good job. Job security is a priority for many people. It means you cannot get out of the rat race. You can make the right investing decisions at the right time.

When you were young, you got an average salary. It seems that buying real estate is an impossible one.


Here, my friend I will introduce a new word “OPM”. This word was introduced by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. OPM stands for “Other People’s Money”. 

He encourages us to borrow money and buy real estate. These properties will make money for you. It will be your second income offer then your 9 – 5 job.  These real estate properties will generate a rental income.

The rental income will pay the mortgage and other expenses. Also, it will add some money for yourself. This also comes with less taxes. However, it comes from free money. Just borrow the money, add rental properties and make money. It’s just a simple concept also it is effective.

It will help you to not be dependent on your next paycheck. You are not working for money, the assets you buy will work for you. If you doing it properly, you can add multiple assets. This kind of asset makes people rich.

This will create a passive income and it will increase your wealth. This wealth is passed on to the next generation. You not only make yourself rich and also you can secure your next generation’s wealth too.

3. Commodity

Assets That Makes People Rich

People thought getting more money and saving it would make us rich. Yes, possibly it will make you rich, but it short period. Every person will buy paper currency and save it in a bank.

Do you ever think why the dollar will gain and lose value? It’s because it will be in the hands of the government. The government will print the money whenever it wants. Paper currency is a man-made one. It’s only valuable when the government is in a stable state.

The US Dollar is the most valuable currency in the world. It’s because the government will print and inject the money. Today the US will have the world level of power and the US dollar will become the most valuable currency.

Shortly, if any country beats the US the dollar loses its value. And the winning country’s currency will replace the USD. Now you understand that saving one currency will not be the best way to get rich. The paper currency will become worthless when the value is saturated.

Then you ask me if currency won’t make me rich, which one will make me rich?

Robert Kiyosaki and other ultra millionaires will invest in commodities. Robert Kiyosaki will name the commodity “God’s Money”.

Commodities like Oil, Gold, Silver, and even food grains are also valuable. Commodities are irreplaceable assets for humankind. How, much currency we have doesn’t matter.

This will make the entire world run. Where we need food to survive, we need energy to trade and also store precious metals on earth.

This area helps us to protect against inflation and also it will be stable in the market. Because currency is unlimited in quantity and the commodity is limited in quantity.

If you want to diversify your investment portfolio commodity is the best option for you. The increase in inflation will make the currency less in value. The increasing demand for the commodity will always be stable and increase in value.

4. Paper Assets

Paper Assests

People may think they did not have time to make money in business and real estate. People work more than 8 hours a day and they have no enough time to spare with other assets. They may spend the majority of their time at work.

The author gives us another route to achieve financial freedom by investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This required discipline in money management.

The people work and earn money with lots of hard work. That hard-earned money is always wasted by going to parties, pubs frequent travel, etc. This kind of unwanted spending behaviour will make us broke.

The urge to spend must be controlled. This unwanted spending will be completely cut off and that money for invested. This investment is quite easy. It will not need that much level of money to invest.

Anyone can start with a minimum amount. It will be a great opportunity for us to invest in the right stocks that will make us achieve our financial goals in a certain period.

The beginning of the groundwork is more important. People have to analyze and evaluate the stocks they want to buy. After you invest wait patiently to grow your money.

The investment required discipline only. Every month you just segment a portion of your income for investment.

Many people will give this method a lot of time to grow their money and build their wealth. This paper asset will make people rich in a few years. The earlier you start the earlier you grow your money.

5. Online Assets

The online assets you have to build by using the knowledge and skills you have. It will help other people to learn or solve their daily problems.

Simply you can start a YouTube channel or a blog post. You can make useful content for people. This will make you make money. The ad revenue is built by using valuable content for people.

You can also start an online course that is used to help people to gain knowledge from it. Also, earn money from it.

This online asset was once built you have to earn lots of money. This money you can use to start a business, hire people and do many more. Once you make money you can hire people to do that work for you.


6. Your Time:-


This is the most precious asset of all time. Time is always an intangible asset for every humankind. The beauty of this asset is no one knows how much they have. If they have used or do not use this asset it will be seeded every single day.

We have all heard the term “Time is Money”. Do you know what it means? It is also a kind of asset. The money you make can come and go. But, the time you spend can never come. That’s why many of them are advised always to start at a young age.

Your young age is the biggest asset. This is the period when you can take risks and face challenges. This time you have the energy to face this.  In old age, you can’t do any new things. The young age is the period you will do whatever you want.

Don’t spend this precious time at parties and hanging out with friends. Use this time to learn new skills, start a side hustle and follow your talents. This will make an enormous change in your life.

The best invested of all time Warren Buffet says “Start Young”. At this young age, you can start investing your money and retiring rich.  The person who starts investing in their 20s can make more money than the person who starts in their 30s.

When the economy will fall you secure money from your young it will protect you in this kind of situation.

Understand the value of every single minute that you spend. This understanding will give you to know about the value of time.

7. Your Health


After you utilize your time. You have to invest your time in your health. The mental and physical health you build is more important to your life.

People do not give proper time to maintain their bodies. Eating lots of junk foods, consuming alcohol, and smoking a few cigarettes are done by ourselves. We can reward ourselves for doing hard work in our job.

It is not the proper reward that you give yourself. These habits will not cause damage today but they will affect your old age. At the time you can spend a lot of money paying medical bills by not maintaining proper health. Health is only building at a young age.

Health not only reduces the risk it also increases your life span. It will make you enjoy your life in your old age with good health. This may give lots of happiness to spend your time with loved ones.

Give more value to your health and spend money to maintain your health. Even you can earn money but not health. The maintenance of your health is your priority of all time.

8. Your Network

Peoples Network

The network you built is the asset that comes from goodwill. Build your network with successful people, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, etc. This network can bring a lot of benefits.

Imagine you running a business. The happier clients will recommend your business to other clients. This will increase the goodwill and reputation of your business. This will build the network.

Never underestimate any people around you try to maintain a good relationship with them. Built a strong network.

A strong network can make the best things along his side. They consider every single person and get help and do help to maintain the network.


This kind of asset will make you never work forever. Consider these 8 assets to build your wealth. If you follow this you can bring yourself as a successful person in wealth. However, every person wants to achieve financial freedom. The assets that make people rich earlier in their life. The monetary terms are the best asset even though the non-monetary terms are also the best asset.

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