Time Management Tips – Part 2


Time Management:-Every people in the world wants to usefully utilize their time effectively. But, today the modern world won’t let you spend your time on productive activities. Because this era is filled with distractions and entertainment.

Time management

Nowadays kids are given more time for their entertainment over studies or activities. There is the best quote I’ve heard a long days before, maybe this quote will change your entire life by understanding the value of time. The quote is,

“Time Is A God-Given Currency, But You Dont Know How Much Currency Is Left In Your Pocket”

This inspiring quote will change the perspective of time and its value. Today we have to see 10 Time Management Tips that help you to manage your time wisely also it is part 2. Let’s dive into today’s topic.

10 Time Management Tips – Part 2

1. Set Remainders

Time management

Many people have a problem forgetting their work and they will waste their time. It’s because they will completely forget the task and do anywhere useless things in this life. However, the best practice of not forgetting your take easily is setting reminders for every task.

The remainder will help you to remind the task that helps you to finish the task within the given time. Just buy sticky paper from your local stationary store and write your important duties and stick it in a place in your house.

Many of them use this method to remind their work and do it without fail in their work. If you have done your work on time it will help you to make you feel fulfilled and give you motivation to do your next work.

You have to set reminders on your phone, write it in a notebook, and many other ways to remains your work. The point is you may have to know the work and it has to be done on time.

2. Batch Your Tasks

Time management

Many people will complicate their work by doing all the tasks at the same time. It will create confusion and chaos in your work and also consumes your time. Always have the idea of starting and finishing your work. When you know your work it will give clarity on how much time it takes to complete your work.

Once you know how much work to have to do in a day and next you have to segment all your work. This segmenting or making batches of your work will give you a clear-cut idea about the start and finish of your work.

It will save lots of time and it helps you to finish the work efficiently. Your action is properly matched and it will make you use your time effectively to complete the work.

Always batch your work and turn your valuable time for accomplishing the work. Batching the work or making a to-do list will make you save time and effectively complete your work.

3. Turn Off All Social Media Alerts

Time management

The most time-consuming part of your life nowadays is social media and also it sucks most of the four valuable times. How is this possible? Well, the dark truth is that social media is addictive, also the creators made the user interface so addictive and make you spend your time on social media.

You may also notice it well you just think to use social media for just 5 minutes.  When you came into social media it takes an hour to spend your time on social media. Every social media you use in your daily life is so addictive than your think.

However, this addictive stuff makes you spend your time waste on social media. Set a timer on your social media it will indicate when you overuse your social media.

Be aware while you use your social media account, whenever you use it to consume your valuable time mind it. Always be conscious while you use your social media and turn off all your notifications from your social media and also it helps in time management.

4. Stay Away From Dump Thoughts

In the modern world, every single thing you see in your life has an agenda. This agenda is someone’s idea that will straight dump toward your brain with your permission. Never let yourself allow other people’s thoughts will affect your brain.

This will make you think a lot about your thoughts and your brain also believes the thoughts are right. It leads to overthinking your work and it causes distract us from your work. This distraction will lead to spending more time doing simple tasks.

Always have your own opinion on every single thing in your life, because it leads you to take a course of action to complete the task effectively. If another person will dump their thoughts to do the work will make you frustrated and it cannot make you concentrate on your work.

Give yourself more time to analyze every thought that other people said is right or not. If it is fight take it, if it is work throw it away from your brain. Never allow anyone to control your thoughts and make yourself take full control of your brain. It allows a lot of time to save for effectively doing the work also it will make not flaws in your action and also it helps in time management.

5. Learn To Say “No”

Most people have don’t have the confidence to say no to their loved ones and also in their professional life. This will lead to lots of your time being consumed by other people. They will give their workload and they will aid you to complete their work.

It will happen because you do have not enough confidence to say “No”. Once you will says this word when any distractions will interrupt your work. You can use when this word when you have important work to do but other people will force you to do their work.

If you fear saying “No” every people around you will take advantage of your actions. Also, they will enjoy their time, while you will sacrifice your time for doing other people’s work. Have the confidence to say “No” whenever people will take advantage of you.

6. Decline Additional Commitments

It is quite normal when you do your work and suddenly another work will come. But, you don’t have the idea of if you pick the additional work or not. This will create a panic situation in hour current work and it makes goh to not work efficiently in your current work.

Analyze the additional work properly in every aspect and make them clear if it is important or not. The additional work is important take it and do the work. If the additional work is not important cut it off and focus on your current work.

Sometimes your commitments will be a barrier to not doing the work. The commitment may be in private or professional but it will add additional burden to your current work.

You may have to focus on your current work and make declining all the additional work to perform more productively in your current work.

7. Do Your Task Step By Step

Many peoples are performing their work so messy and it will consume a lot of time but it does not give enough results. It’s because they do not work properly get is who they do not complete the task within the time.

Always have an idea of how the work starts and how to end the task. This clear vision of your work will predict the time it takes to complete the work.

And now you have to make the work in a step-by-step process, no matter what work you have to perform you need to covert it in steps. And you will write it down on paper and write the steps of the work.

Once you complete the write-down process now it is time to take action on the process. Every time you complete a step, strike it in your notepad. Once all the steps are completed the task is also completed. It will avoid you to spend quality time waste in a task and also it is time management tip.

8. Think! Do! Finish!

Most of the time you are thinking about the work, it will make an illusion that this work is so hard. And also it can make you procrastinate the work and sometimes you cannot finish the work. Whenever you can think about the work, just think about how to finish the work not think did I complete the work?

When you decide to do the work, do immediately not care about anything do it and finish the work. How many times you can think about the work it will not use for you, you can make a strong decision to do the work immediately without any breaks.

It will lead you to finish the work on time and it will reduce the problem of not finishing the work. Give yourself proper time and take immediate action on hour work and finish the work without any flaws on your work and its also a time management tip.

9. Laser Light Like Focus

Did you use the laser light? When hot on the laser light, a string light will project on a single line, and at the end, the light is focused on one point.

You can also train your brain to focus like the laser light on your tasks. Most of the time we cannot do the work properly because the reason you can easily distract by the distractions around you.

How much you will focus on your work will reflect in the result of the work. It is not easily come, you need to train yourself to achieve this level of focus.

This focus can help you to reduce your time and increase the efficiency of your work. This can also be one of the most important factors of time management tips.

10. Use Pomodoro Technique

This Pomodoro technique is used to increase the productivity of the work and reduce the time for doing the work. Now, you can see the detailed explanation of this technique.

You can work or learn for 25 minutes without any distractions, you just give your 100% focus on the work or learning. Now you see the 25 minutes is considered 1 Pomodoro.

After you can be focused on straight 25 minutes on your work or learning, a  take 5-minute break at the end of the 25 minutes. In this 5 minutes break, you can refresh yourself by walking, getting outdoor air, and many other activities. You can only give physical activities that will refresh your mind, please avoid using electronic gadgets during the 5 minutes break.

After 4 Pomodoro is used in your work or learning, take a long break of up to 20 to 30 minutes of break. You can remember your self one thing, 1 Pomodoro(25 minutes) is done take 5 minutes of break, 4 Pomodoro( 100 Minutes) is done you can take 20 to 30 minutes of rest.

This technique will help you to increase the efficiency of your work and reduce the usage of time.


These are all the 10 time management tips that are useful to use your time effectively. It helps you to utilise it four times by maximizing your effort on your work. Every people know the importance of time but still wastes their time. Don’t be like that kind of person to water your time, use these effective tips and apply them in your life to use your time wisely and effectively.

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