Mistakes That Kill Startups


Startups:-Everybody in this world thinks about starting their startup at least once in this life. But, in reality, it is not easy to start up their own business. It needs lots of aspects to think about and analyze to build their business.


Generally business is the term where solving people’s problems by giving a product or service. As a startup company has to face many struggles at the beginning, and also it takes lots of effort to get success from your startup.

Many mistakes made a startup a big failure, Here I listed 9 common mistakes that made a startup fail. If you keep resolving this problem from the beginning, you can avoid major failures in your business. Let’s go to today’s topic.

9 Mistakes That Kill Startups

1. Single Founder


This is the first problem that kills startups, where you start your business as a whole lot single founder.  The person who starts a business on his own is good but in many cases, a solentrepreneurrs.

Because I failed the initial stage, you do not have any idea about the business and all the work is done by you only. Solo entrepreneurs do all the activities for their business and they do not have anyone to guide in their field. Also, they do not have previous experience in their business.

According to a survey, the success ratio of single founders is only 10% and the other 90% of the startups getting failed. fail to start your own business with your friends and family members to get emotional and financial support.

If it is not possible, get a partner to start your own business it only happens with a trusted partner. They were you need to start your own business with some persons and avoid starting your own business as a single founder.

2. Raising Too Litle Amount Of Little


You have enough money to start your own business, but starting with too little amount of money will give a major disadvantage to your business. Raising little money will not help you to meet the day-to-day expenses in the business.

Everyone has to know that finance is the heart of the business. You have to raise the fund that is enough to start a business. You have many other options to raise the fund like crowdfunding, loan, borrowing, etc.

The startup requires some amount of money to start your own business. If you have to use your own money to start a business is also a good option. But, it takes many years to save enough money to start a business.

Always remember one thing, your enthusiasm towards business is good at the same time you need to raise enough funds to start your own business.

3. Bad Location


The location has also played a vital role in the business. you need to pick the right place that has all the resources available in the nearby places. The location is where resources like men, materials, power, etc. are available in the place of your business.

Why do you have to give focus on chg the right location? The location is always near their potential market, which reduces the transportation cost of the raw materials and transporting finished goods to market expenses are reduced.

Your business location is always near all the essential resources also available in your nearby places like water, electricity, etc. That’s why many businesses are given more time to analyze which place is suitable for starting the business.

Always be cautious to start your business in a location that easily reaches potential customers. The resources are easily available to your near location and that helps you to control the transportation cost. If you start your own business give more time to research and find the best place to start your business.

4. Not Putting Enough Effort Into Your Startup


Every new business requires more effort and hard work to build a successful startup. However, er most of the However startup owners did not give their full effort into their business. Many people are working from 9 to 5 and start the business by gaining knowledge in their job.

Using this experience you start your business and this prior experience is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to put lots and lots of effort into your business and do lots of groundwork as the starting point of your business.

But new startup Howeverers are not doing proper groundwork and did not give their 100% effort in their business activities. It will restrict your business from achieving excellence. Business is not like a job when it’s not done in 9 to 5. It takes many sleepless nights you work for your business.

In a job, you are just assigned to do one role at a time, but in business, you can do all the roles in your business. Always give your effort and hard work in your startup and definitely, it will pay off one day in your business.

5. Bad Planning & Structure

At the beginning of the startup, you will do some planning for your business. If this planningplanning process contains lots of details you have to think and structure your planning process. When the planning is not good in your startup it will start failfailmtin the startinge.

Business is running successfully by the use of good structure well-structures implemented in the business. If the starting phase of the planning will fail, the efficiency

While you need to consider all the aspects of the business and it helps you to avoid future obstacles. This planning will eliminate the obstacles and increase the efficiency of the startups.

Many startups are failed in the market due to they have followed poor planning processes. The planning is give the blueprint of the business and it helps the startup to run successfully in the market. Give more time and effort to the planning process, once you made good planning, it structures the business and does the rest of the work easily.

6. Hiring Bad Employees

In the startup, it will be the major problem you have to face in your firm, where you will hire poor experience or bad employees in the business. Where how much money you invested, and how much effort you put into your business it isn’t matter.

When you have no quality employees in your business it cannot run your business. In the beginning phase, you have to know the skills that are required to run your business operations. And you can choose the employees based on their skill only.

Some employees have good skills but they do not perform well because of poor supervision in business. You need to watch all the employees, no employee is idle in your business. You need to consider the skills that are required for your business and you can hire your employees based on the skill.

When you have to hire fresher employees and trained them with the help of giving proper training program. It helps you to make the employees skilled and you can use the skilled employees to perform your business activities.

7. Poor Internal Management

It is a common problem faced by startups, they did not have quality management in the internal organization. Internal management will perform the activities that are happening inside the organization.

Where poor internal management will kill the organization from the inside. Give proper attention to the internal process and it helps you to run your business smoothly. How to avoid poor internal management? Give attention to employees, avoid conflicts, decrease the grievance level, assign individual roles and responsibilities, etc.

Internal management will be done properly to deliver proper output to the clients and customers. If the internal management is poor, it is very hard to run the business in the competitive market. Always reduce the level of internal problems it helps you to do your internal management successfully.

Where the increase in internal problems will affect the reputation of clients and customers. Always maintain good internal management and it will help you to develop your business and it helps to compete in the market.

8. Choosing The Wrong Platform Or Area

Every business needs to market its company product and services to the customers. The platform you choose to market to the customers will be important. Choosing the platform for marketing will be after the firm more financially.

You need to consider which area your business is located in and what marketing tool will reach the maximum number of customers. Your marketing strategies are always better and good than your competitors.

Analyze what platform your competitors choose to market their products and services to the customers. And then you can use the platform and do innovative marketing campaigns to reach out to the customers. In this internet era, you can leverage social media as a marketing platform to get your potential clients.

Choose which platform has less competition and more customers and do your marketing campaigns it will get the customers to your business.

9. Wrong Target Audience

Many new startups will fail because they don’t know who are their potential customers. You need to identify which category people are targeting customers and you need to reach out to the customers.

First, you need to build a buyer persona for your business. This buyer persona contains the age, sex, status, income level, etc. Now you will get the buyer persona you need to consider that category customers only and eliminate the other factors.

For example, if you will start a men’s clothing brand your target customer is men only. If you starting a women’s clothing brand your target customer is women only.

This identification of customers will give clarity to the business owners by which category peoples are the target customers. It will help businesses to run marketing campaigns to target customers only. So, the identification of customers is an important factor for startups.


These are all the things that will ruin the startups. If a startup must eliminate this problem getting success in their business. These 9 major mistakes has been controlled in the business it will definitely give a big reach in their startups and get the success in the startups.

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