Bad Spending Habits


The spending habits were people facing this problem every single month. They earn enough income from their job, work hard also they struggle for money at the end of the month.

Spending habits

They did not have an idea how our income was spent. The major mistakes of people did not focus on their spending habits.

It’s the reason we’re they have lack of knowledge about their spending. It’s not a big problem, it’s they control their spending habits it will give a lot of benefits to them.

It helps you not to struggle at the end of the month. Today, I have listed 5 major spending habits that you need to control yourself. Let’s get into the topic.

5 Bad Spending Habits That Need to Control Yourself

1. Shopping Therapy

Spending habits

If you face any problems in your life, you have to support your emotions by shopping for new items. Shopping will give you relief from your problems and it will help you to forget about the problem.

Whatever may be the problem is like failure, heartbreak, stress and more. People want to escape the problem by doing short-term pleasures like shopping to forget the problem.

It may help you to forget the problem for only a few days. Shopping is not a bad habit who doesn’t love buying new gadgets, clothes, handbags, shoes, etc?

When you have to shopping is a matter it makes a bad or good habit. Shopping therapy is good for the mind but not for your purse and credit card.

The buying of new things will suppress your problem for a few days only. It only depends on your emotions and you have to control it.

Controlling your buying urges will make you save some money at the end of the month. I’ve not said entirely shopping is bad. It’s only bad when you replace your problem by buying new items.

If you want to reduce stress and problems by having a good shower with pleasant music, dance, etc…. Shopping is not only the option to reduce your problems and it will also be a problem for your finances.

Analyzing and controlling your emotions towards buying new things makes you feel better in your financial life.

2. Comparison Of Other People’s Lifestyles

Spending habits

These spending habits have come from the comparison with other people. May your colleague or neighbour going on vacation, buy a w house, car etc. This thing will put you in a stressful mindset like “Our surrounding people are enjoying and I’m not enjoying my life”. Understand that your finance and other finance life are not the same.

For example, if you earn $1000 a month and your neighbour earns $5000 a month. The neighbour’s lifestyle is dependent on the $5000. It may increase the purchasing power and make him buy new things. You only earn $1000 a month if you try to match your neighbour’s lifestyle makes you struggle in your financial life.

How this person will buy debt to match their surroundings’ lifestyle and show off. This will create an endless debt cycle and make you get more debt and be broke forever.

This cycle acts as the rat cycle, how long the rat runs in the cycle will not make the rat-free. The same things happen how long you get the debt will not make you rich it will increase the burden of your finances.

Identify your goals:-

Focus on your own financial goals and understand your current financial status. Both will help you to not make you compare with others. Never take the comparison mind to dictate your finances. It will give you a lot of trouble in your financial life.

Identify the purpose and priorities of your own financial goals. Always live by your means, not someone else. Your goal is to reach the financial freedom you need to get out from comparing yourself to others.

The financial goals are your journey not get diverted from others’ lifestyles. Take a look at your progress towards your financial goals and your sales and means.

Stay away from comparison and match toward your financial goals. It will make you feel better in your financial life.

3. Overspending Your Money

Another bad spending habit is overspending your own money. The overspending means we’re you buy a product that is not matched to your finances. Simply you can buy more than your finances. For example, if you earn $1000, you have to buy things over $1100.

This habit comes from the people who live in the trends. The living in the trend is a seductive one. The manufacturers will increase users by introducing new products and trends in the market.

It will make the people know whether the product is needed or not they will buy it. A good example is mobile phones, if you have a mobile phone it will last go o 7 years. But, you live in the trend which mobile phone is in trend you will buy it and use. And other mobile phones come to rent you will exchange your current mobile phone and give me more money to buy a new phone.

The manufacturer wants to push their product in the market so they will use the trending strategy to make the people buy their product. It is not for your credit card and purse.

Take back control of your finances and live away from the trends. Living beyond your means is the only thing you will overspend your money.

Set back your financial goals and stop overpaying yo any product or service. Understand the reality of your finances. This will keep you going live with the means of your life.

Limiting and prioritizing your spending and making some decisions to take control of your finances will help you to get out from overspending.

4. Paying the Full Price Of Whatever You Buying

This will be done by everyone paying the full price and buying the product. It will make you buy the product at full price and drain your wallet slowly. Paying full price for the product ask yourself if is there any coupon or discount available.

Coupons and discounts are usually good ones that will save your wallet from unnecessary spending. Many of them have the mindset that these coupons and discounts are for poor people.

Do you know something Warren Buffet is the top 10 billionaires in the world. He used coupons at McDonald’s to buy burgers. He made himself a billionaire also he coupons to buy burgers.

These tools are tangible, also they will make us save enough money from our wallets. For example, if you buy a product worth $100. But,  it has a discount of 30%. It will reduce the price by over $30. You can buy the product for $70 and save $30. If you pay the full price you lose the $30.

This is how the coupons and discounts also work. Bargain every product that you buy, it will help you to buy the product at the best price.

Never hesitate to ask for discounts and coupons for the products you purchase. Once you get the cop on you can use it to buy another product at the cheapest price.

This technique is tangible but many of them do not use this. You have the potential to buy the product at full price. Also, the coupons and discounts will make you buy the product at a low price and save some money in your pocket.

5. Impulse Buying Behaviour

This is one of the major mistakes every person makes. Impulse buying will entirely ruin your purse. It is nothing but buying products that are not important to you also you buy them.

Impulse buying is where take down your money by purchasing unnecessary products. It will lure you to buy the products. It may not be expensive also it will take a few dollars from your pocket.

How to control impulse buying behaviour? Have a list to buy groceries, and avoid distractions from other products.

Avoid using cards whole purchasing it does not give any feeling of spending the money. Carrying cash to purchase the product will make you to nd money unnecessarily. Cash in your hand to spend will make you buy what you want. It will make us feel unnecessary spending. Credit cards won’t give any feel about spending money unnecessarily.

Having a plan to purchase an item will reduce the chance of impulse buying.


These are all the 5 bad spending habits that you need to control yourself. Stay focused on your financial goal and take action to complete your goal.

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