Pillars Of Branding


Branding:- Every company in the world wants to be the best brand among its customers. It’s not easy to be a brand with loyal customers. You may do lots of groundwork and years of marketing will make you the brand among the people.


Branding their company is the toughest job in marketing. This branding helps you to reach out to your customers easily and get new customers without any difficulty. Every people loves to buy branded products rather than non-branded products.

It’s because the company’s marketing strategy will help them to build the brand and make the people buy the products. The brand is nothing but the popularity of its products/services. It will make their product/service sell without any difficulties and easily defeat their competitors in the market.

Today, we have to see 4 pillars of branding that help companies to brand themselves. Let’s dive into today’s topic.

4 Pillars Of Branding

1. Be Memorable


The first point of the pillar is to be memorable to the customers. You may think it’s not an easy task to be memorable in the customer’s mind and also It’s called brand positioning. This will come where you have to say the product names automatically which brand comes first in your mind is called brand positioning.

This will come from the size, colour, packing, etc. and there are lots and lots of makes to position your brand in the customer’s mind. You have a strong marketing strategy to be memorable to the customers.

For example, if I say the word “Coke” some people think about “Coca-Cola” and some people think about “Pepsi”. Brand positioning is nothing but which brand is coming first in your mind.

How is your product/service memorable to the customers? The colour of the product will increase the chance of up to 80%  to make your product memorable. Factors like taste, eye-catching, feel and many more are involved.

The brand positioning between your customers will be the first success of your branding. It’s achievable by constant improvement in your product/services and understanding the taste preferences of your customers.

Always make your product/service memorable to your customers if you say the product name it will identify your brand name instantly.

2. Build Trust & Loyalty


It’s not an easy task because, in this competitive world, every brand needs to maintain trust and loyalty. Because there are lots and lots of alternative products available on the market. It gives a variety of brands in the same segment and it’s made it tough to get and retain customers in the market.

The brand is providing trust to its customers by satisfying their needs. The customer gets satisfied by buying your brand product and making their money worthy. That’s why people love branded products more than non-branded products and also it will make them build loyalty towards the brand.

For example, In India, we’re TATA Group is one of the best examples of brand trust and loyalty. It’s because this product is for customers like middle-class people. Customers in India buy TATA products without hesitation. It’s because customers believe that TATA products are good and are useful day to day-to-day life. This brand constantly provides its best goods & services to Indians whicwhich’s Indian people buy TATA products loyal to the brand. The

The building of trust and loyalty does not come in one night, it takes years or even decades. If you provide good quality products gaining the customer’s trust is possible. Once you gain the customer’s trust and the people are loyal to your brand and buy your products for a long time.

The brand promises to its customers by providing quality products and being loyal towards the customers.

3. Providing Values

You may think what does the brand sell to the people?

There are lots and lots of products available in the same segment. If you take phones there are lots of brands available in the market. If you take soft drinks there are lots of brands available in the market. But, why do people prefer the iPhone in the phones segment and Coca-Cola in the soft drinks segment?

It’s because these brands are not only selling the products but also selling value to the people. It will give social status, a satisfied mind, and quality and many are given by the brand.

The moral values of the people are satisfied by the products. These values make the brand products high in price. Without providing value to the people you cannot increase the price of your product in the market.

For example, every person wears a watch as an accessory and also it is available in many price segments. But, people prefer to buy high-priced watches like Titan, Omega, Rolex, and Fastrack like branded watches. It’s because these brands not only sell watches but also it will sell value to the people.

The usage of the product will be a sign of richness to the people who use the product. These brands are doing their marketing properly and set their audience’s mind to buy the product by giving high prices.

The more value you give to the product the more the price of the product will increase. People want to buy values, not the products you may think like this customer aspect to build the product.

The more the brand sells value the more the people will buy the products. Sometimes, it is not easy to build a brand until you sell value to the people.

4. Make People Buy Your Product Consistently

The brand’s ultimate goal is make to people to buy the product constantly. The consistency of making people buy is only possible by satisfying the above points. Constant buying happens when you provide quality products to the buyers.

For example, Apple is one of the prestigious companies in the phone market. Every year Apple launches a new iPhone for buyers. Many people have previous year model iPhones and also people give up old phones and buy iPhones. There are not many changes in the new launch iPhone only slight differences are available in the previous and new model iPhone. However, people believe that Apple implemented innovation in the new iPhone. This makes them buy the iPhone every year constantly.

The consistency made people buy the brand’s products and use them in their daily lives. Every time the brand has to satisfy the customer and convince them to buy the product.

Consistency aims for the brand to become an undeniable product in the market and it helps the product to sell without any difficulty. Consistency is the final pillar of branding.


These are all the four pillars of branding and they are all explained clearly. Building a brand is not possible without the effort and these 4 pillars. The brand is made up of lots of factors but mainly the branding is built upon these 4 pillars only. Many people want to build their brand and they try it and many of them failed it. It’s because the power of branding is not easily measurable and if you utilize the above 4 pillars you can able to build a brand in a few years of work. The marketing phase gives extra care to the branding and gives constant awareness about the brand to the people.

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