Ways To Invest In Yourself Part – 2


If you like to develop yourself and improve your life better invest in yourself first. Not only in terms of money, you can invest your time and energy to develop your quality of life.

“Trust Yourself, Believe Yourself, Love Yourself, Invest In Yourself”

Skill is the best investment you can make in your life when you learn at least one skill in your life. It will give you a great opportunity to improve yourself by using the knowledge. Rich people get rich by not only investing their money in financial instruments, they also investing their money and time to develop themselves better.

Today, you are going to see, the 12 ways to invest in yourself. This will help you to thrive in the success of your life as soon as possible. Let’s dive into today’s topic.

12 Ways To Invest In Yourself Part – 2

1. Always Stick To A Routine

Invest in yourself

If you want to do good things in your life you need to take care of yourself. Always stick with a proper routine that keeps you both mentally and physically in good shape. Your routine has a great impact on your life, many successful people have good routines to follow in this life.

Give more importance to your routine, because many of them will do their routine by having motivation. When the motivation is lost, the routine also becomes lost in their daily life. Never and ever set a routine when you have motivation, set the routine when you have a disciplined mentality.

The routine is nothing but what you are doing in the morning to night. In this meantime what you follow in your daily life is known as routine. If you set your routine by having a good diet, a good physical workout, and a good mental workout, do something for your dream.

These will all help you set your routine properly and you have to follow it properly. So, setting up a new routine is also a good invest in yourself.

2. Spend Money On Experience

Invest in yourself

If you want to develop yourself by spending your money on something that helps you to gain experience. Everything in this world was improved and built with the help of experiments only. Most people have they spend that money on buying expensive waste things. But, if you offer some new skills that will help them in the future you say, they said it is expensive and I don’t need this.

Don’t act like the average person to spend all your money on expensive products, act like the successful person to spend your money on improving yourself by gaining experience. In whatever way you need to develop yourself, you need to improve yourself by gaining experience from that. So, spending your money on experience is also a good invest in yourself.

3. Practice Meditation Daily

Invest in yourself

You need to make the habit of following the meditation in your daily life. This meditation helps you to train your mind to remain calm in every situation. Whenever your mind is clear your thoughts are also clear, a clear thought helps you to find great solutions.

This meditation helps you to stay fit mentally, Once you are mentally fit you can make decisions so clearly. However, in this modern world can change, but nothing helps you to stay fit mentally. Only traditional ways like meditation have a high possibility of staying fit mentally.

Practice meditation in your daily life helps to improve your daily life. Also, meditation has many benefits like increasing memory power, focus, decreasing anxiety, etc. So having a good meditation practice in your life is also a great invest in yourself.

4. Challenge Yourself Daily

Invest in yourself

Many people do not challenge themselves daily, if you are not able to challenge yourself you cannot develop yourself. Every day you give yourself the toughest task and challenge yourself to complete it daily. It will give a new confidence in what you can do daily.

For example, if you are scared of the stage speaking, you can challenge yourself and put your effort into speaking well on the stage. You need to challenge yourself that I will do the stage speaking perfectly. When you do this daily one day you will not scared about stage speaking You can do it effortlessly, because you do not of hard work to do stage speaking perfectly.

You can college yourself on whatever the things you can do in your daily life. Many successful people in the world will challenge themselves daily and give their maximum effort to complete the challenge. It helps to boost confidence, reduce fear, increase motivation, etc.

5. Take Aspirations Everyday

In this world, there is an unwritten law that will attract anything, it’s called the “Law Of Attraction”. These aspirations work on this law, if you write something and read it every day, there is a high possibility that your dreams will come true. This law has to work with what a human being thinks, writes and reads every single day will have a lot of chances it will become true.

For example, if you want to be successful in your life write your aspirations like this, “I will be successful in my life, I built my own house, I bought my car, I do a good business to run my life, I make my family live happier, I give a great life to my kids, etc”.

You can add more and make it in an active voice manner as I will, I do, I can not in a passive voice manner like I want, I need, etc. Once the aspirations are done read it after waking up and before sleep of the time. This aspiration can make a big difference in your life and you can follow this to notice the changes that happen in your life. It is a great invest in yourself.

6. Make Life Plans

If you need to do this in your life follow it to achieve your life goals. This life goal is different from one person to another and also your dream can be achieved quickly when you have a strong life plan. No matter what your goal is even if your goal is small or big nothing matters, when you have a strong life plan it matters.

However, You can set the destination easily but the way you choose the path to reaching the destination matters. Not having a life plan is like accelerating the car without breaking the system. Set your life goals first and choose what the possibilities to reach success you can and follow them to achieve your dream.

7. Visualize Your Success

You can not see success without visualising how your success looks. First, you may visualize your success, because this visualization will help you to give motivation to reach success. Give yourself time to visualize the success every single day.

For example, a person who’s goal is to build a nice house for himself and his family. The person without visualizing his own house and how it going to be built, it can not be possible to build a nice house. He has to take time to visualize every area of his house interior designs and exterior designs to build a beautiful house.

In that same way, you also visualize your success, may it be starting your own business, become a millionaire, get a win in sports you play, etc. Without visualization, many things do not happen in this world. If Alexander Graham Bell did think about how to communicate with a person he is not near him, he built the telephone. If Elon Musk did think about eco-friendly cars, he build an Electric car.

Theualization has the power to see the success give yourself some time to think about your success. The visualization of your success is also the best way to invest in yourself.

8. Forgiving People

Many people in the world do not forgive their fellow human being who has made some mistakes in the past. It is wrong to give every person a second chance to forgive the person. It’s the best quality of being a human, This mind does not come to you easily but it is necessary to develop this quality.

Some people did not forgive their own family for something they did wrong to them. But, really he lost himself for having who on his own family. The ego comes from a family of devils. Never show any ego to your own family and friends who did something to you. Forgive them whatever they made, because forgiving saves you a lot of relationships in your life.

Throw away the ego and talk to your close one without any hesitation and forging them soulfully. If you have this quality of forgiving others easily will be the best way to invest in yourself in your life.

9. Avoid Bad Habits

You may avoid all the bad habits that you have followed in your life like alcohol, smoking cigarettes, gambling and many more. These bad habits have a high risk of ruining your life entirely. In old age, you can develop good wealth, but you can’t develop good health following bad habits at a young age.

You will avoid these bad habits to enjoy your life in a better way. Many people’s life is ruined by following these bad habits highly in their life. Bad habits are simply spending your own money to ruin your health. You can always stay away from these bad habits to have a healthy and good life.

If you following the bad habits now, try to avoid them slowly and one day the habit will be entirely away from your life. Start with small changes in your life and it will make a great impact on your bad habits to make you stay away from this. Always staying away from bad habits is also a good investment in your life.

10. Start A New Hobby

When you can develop a good hobby to make your mind and body healthy. These new hobbies are making a great impact on your daily life. New hobbies are not that tough to create, you need the discipline to follow them daily.

Always have a hobby that will help you reduce your stress level, increase positivity, encourage self-motivation, and many more.

What kind of hobbies that I follow in my daily life? Hitting the gym, meditating, reading books, doing hour favourite sport, etc. You can do whatever hobbies that make you mentally and physically fit.

This hobby will done when you wake in the morning, Have a schedule to follow this hobby in daily morning. Now you may have a question, Why did I follow my hobby in the morning? It’s because, in the morning time, you have more energy and time to do your hobby. Other times like afternoon, evening and night are not suitable times for following your hobbies. Here this way starting a new hobby is also a great investment in your life.

11. Watch Educational Content

In this modern world, everyone is addicted to their mobile phones. These mobile phones were the people using social media continuously without any time limit. The people still the social media all day without any tiredness. But, you can give some educational videos or content to the people they will start sleeping immediately.

It’s happening because this social media has short videos and attractive content. In recent research, abortion who see more short videos have severe cell damage happening in their brain. This brain damage won’t let people focus on anything, this lack of focus causes no attention in their work, easily get bored and many things happen.

I won’t tell you to don’t use social media, but what I say is to limit the time you spend on social media. Use your valuable time to see more educational content to increase your knowledge daily. There are many of educational content available on YouTube. Give yourself more time to watch this content and it will help you in your daily life.

12. Stay Away From Your Comfort Zone

You can be aware of always staying away from your comfort zone it’s because this comfort zone is the barrier that won’t let you do new things in your life. Staying in the comfort zone is holding the feet of the devil. This comfort zone will make you stay broke, always tired, zero motivation, etc.

If you need to develop yourself, you need to leave your comfort zone and do some new activities. If you are doing something useful in your life it will exponentially increase your motivation, be always energized, boost self-confidence, etc. Here is where you need to level your comfort zone to do great things in your life, also it is the best investment yourself too.


This are the ways that you have to invest in yourself. Don’t let you to only read this blog uselessly, apply this things in your life to notice great changes in your life.

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